The Story of Super Steve      

Fifty years ago, far far away on Planet Do-Good, a nervous chatter spilled through the town after the wise elder made his yearly predictions. “There will be a need” he prophesied“on the planet Earth fifty years from now, in the year 2004.” The city listened with rapt attention “The City of Santa Cruz will need someone to guide their transportation services for the elderly and special needs citizens.” A concern as great as this made planet Do-Good nervous because they knew that someone would have to be sent. Someone would need to save Santa Cruz.

While the Council of Planet Do-Good pondered who to send, they knew he would have to be great and have the mental power to command a large organization. “He will be special” said the wise elder “He will have quiet strength, excelling smarts, and a probably a groaner sense of humor, too.” After days of consideration, the Council knew who to send to save ParaCruz. “He will be The One” said the elder, and on that day, in a quiet hospital room, a little boy named Steven Anton Paulson was born to Mary and Tony.

Raised as a normal child, Steven fit in well with the others, but always knew he was meant for greater work. His education prepared him with the skills he would need later in life, and upon graduation he waited for a sign of what he was to do next. Steven wait, and waited, and waited, until he couldn’t wait anymore “What am I here for?!” he cried out, looking for a sign to verify the greatness he knew he had. Giving up, he forged ahead and tried to discover the path on his own.

Although he stumbled a few times along the way, Steven never gave up. First he decided to strengthen his skills through parenting, and had two above average children. Then he excelled his physical skills in the water, training others to kayak. In this adventure he met a pretty lady, and knew he’d found his Super Woman. Steven, Super Woman and his Super Children moved forward and the years passed. Steven still knew he was great, but wondered where his skills were most needed.

One day, Super Woman came home with a job announcement for a Bus Driver. “Hmm…” Steven pondered “Is driving a bus the best way to use my skills?” Super Woman pulled out their latest bank statement and said “Yes.” Steven perfected his driving skills and enjoyed his days driving the bus, but he still waited for the day he would spring into action with his mental and physical prowess. The day was coming.

One day, as simple as any other, discussion of ParaCruz arose…they would need a leader. Someone who could do the work of three men without batting an eye. It was time. Steven knew today was the day, and ParaCruz was his future, and finally became Super Steve.

Seeing Steve become Super, Planet Do-Good’s elder says “Do us proud Super Steve, because with great strength comes great responsibility. But be sure to have a little fun too. There is much work to be done, both at ParaCruz and with your Super Family.”

superman logoHappy 50th Birthday!