Dear Diary (November 2004),     

Mike climbing redwood to install wireless internet equipment.Given the embarrassment factor with gigglefern’s lack of updated content (especially with me working half-time), I’m designing a new format that will (hopefully) facilitate more frequent entries. Of course, that means steep learning curves and, in-and-of-itself takes time. Perhaps by Christmas … For now, to lessen the pink in my cheeks, I’ll play a little catch-up.

November is only half-over but already there are tales to tell. ParaCruz went live as an in-house Transit District operation on November 1 and Steve is working a bzillion hours a week. Thankfully (but not surprisingly... he works really hard), it’s been a success; a little lumpy at first but each day runs better than the day before.

On the home front, I alternate between worrying about Charlie and celebrating our new wickedly fast wireless internet connection. Hard stuff first: Charlie stopped eating. X-rays and blood work gave no clues so we pumped him full of IV fluids and antibiotics, pain pills and steroids. Thanks to prednisone (the horrible/wonderful drug) he’s eating and drinking again but the only pain med that he responded to is contraindicated till I get him off the pred. Taking it day-by-day, I rejoice whenever he eats and appears comfortable. I spend a lot of time with him and Noche. I could live without the worry but I sure do love being home with my dogs.

I really hate to leave home now that we’ve traded in our lousy satellite connection for an amazing wireless one. It cost a pretty penny and the installation was an adventure… especially for our neighbor, Mike, who volunteered to install the equipment high in the redwoods. It took two days and 3 tree climbs before we got a signal. Mike was 120' up our tree for hours, including a couple of scary, cold hours after dark.. Whew... the things we do (or have done) for our addictions!
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