Proverb of the Double Yolk © 2002 Susan Mountain

double yolk egg

I didn't know that a hen had to eat four pounds of feed to produce a dozen eggs, or that double yolk eggs will only bear dead twins. I just thought it was a "sign" that this might be an eggstraordinary day when I cracked open my breakfast egg and saw two yellow eyes staring back at me. The sun was shining and I began a singsong version of "Humpty Dumpty." If having twin children means "double blessed" in China, I reasoned, my double yolks should herald good fortune.

This called for some research.

I found an article about Mrs. Elsie Joubert in East London, who in May of 1999 found an egg inside another egg while preparing her breakfast. She became famous because of her find, and her specimen -- called a freak of nature by the Nulaid company -- was sent to be tested. Tested for what, it didn't say. A worried woman named Grace on a Poultry Management Internet discussion forum, February 2001, was asking advice because her Buff Orpington pullet, 25 weeks old, was "consistently laying double yolk eggs that weighed over five ounces each." Forum member "CJR" told her not to worry, and in farm technical jargon, advised her to enjoy her breakfast treat. Another person told her that her hen might be having an identity crisis, thinking of itself as a goose.

But nowhere could I find that my double yolk egg was in any way special other way than as a nutritional food source. But I happen to think that it IS special. That's probably because I'm always looking for specialness. I don't want to miss the turn on my life path by not reading the signposts. Remaining ever watchful and trying to do the right thing takes a lot of time and energy. I know, unconsciously, I'm approaching eternity with each passing day.

If this were an ordinary day, then why was it so easy to find and procure the broken washing machine part? Or to put a raw egg on my computer scanner without making a horrible mess everywhere? When I reheated a piece of chicken for my lunch, how is it that it came out just right and tasted good? Isn't it incredible that the temperature in my backyard is a perfect seventy-two degrees with a slight breeze, and that I don't think there is a person in the whole world who's mad at me right now? I think so!

So I ask myself, is it merely my positive attitude that is causing all this "good" to happen, or is it the mark of the double yolk? While I believe that Abe was right on when he said "most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be," help from an outside source never hurts. Follow that Yellow Brick Road whenever possible. If I can find something in each day that tells me it's going to be a good day, will that work? Maybe.

If I had simply eaten the egg with an unconscious frown and a mind full of worried thought, I would have missed all the looking and waiting I did today for something special to happen. Can it be that I am luckier than Elsie, who probably thought she might get money besides fame, but did not? Or Grace who couldn't enjoy her breakfast because it wasn't "normal"?

I like the way I feel inside when I think something good is about to happen. It's not as good as how you feel when you first fall in love and are walking on clouds, but it's close. A happy, excited feeling inside my stomach, and a smile ready to laugh on my face. Like the fool on the Tarot card who's just about to step off a high cliff and knows he'll be okay -- that's me. Is Blake's proverb that "if the fool would persist in her folly she would become wise," pertinent to my situation? Was Humpty Dumpty really an egg inside of an egg and only his outer shell broke? Did he take the fall to prove a point about positive attitudes?

If I don't sweat the small stuff and never let it enter my second shell, life could be good all the time even when there's no double yolker to lead the way. Maybe the "yolk's" been on me because I worry too much about everything, and that never changes any situation. It just makes my forehead lines deeper, and makes all living things avoid me.

Think I'll go wash the egg off my face and wait for something good to happen next. It's been an eggstraspecial day and I'm feeling eggseptionly eggcentric and a little silly. Omelette anyone?

Moral: Happiness is not having what you want, but wanting what you already have.
(Or maybe.....Without eggs, life would have no yolks?)

Reprinted with permission © Copyright 2002 Susan Mountain

regular sized eggs with double yolk egg in the middle