Dear Diary (February 2004),     

Here it is the last day of February and a diary update is underway. Proof positive that miracles are possible. Of course, I should be cleaning the chicken coop. Or doing laundry. Or organizing the closet. The piles of things I should be doing are helping me to focus on doing this instead. Isn't it weird how that works?

Watt Roan Willa Jennifer

February started and ended hard. In fact, most of it was hard. Way too much stress and pressure at work. Again. Still. Figuring out how to implement the cuts. Worrying. Getting the new Beach Flats Center open. Worrying. Learning of the decision to permanently hire "my" position if all goes well in the March election.Worrying. A crescendo of planning for Paratransit changes affecting Steve's work. Worrying. Coming home from vacation to Joey having six grand mal seizures in as many hours. Worrying. No, correct that … Terror. Worry doesn't begin to describe the helpless terror of Joey's seizures. He is home from the hospital and seemingly responding well to anti-seizure meds. Although all it takes to momentarily stop my heart from beating is the thump of a tail against the floor. Leaving him to go back to work tomorrow will be hard. I will worry. Imagine that.

But in the midst of all this worry, there was vacation. A trip to Washington State. Steve even flew! We had comfy private accomodations on Baingridge Island in the guest room of Lynn's sister's co-housing complex. We slept through entire nights, even late into daylight hours, read books, went out to leisurely breakfasts. Got massages and healing sessions from Lynn. Enjoyed a too-brief but wonderful visit with Jennifer, Watt, Willa and Roan who drove up from Oregon and met us partway near Mt. St. Helen's. The weather cooperated, allowing us to picnic and visit outdoors, warmed by the same sun that bathed the snow-capped volcanoes in a brilliant glow. Walked on the beach, collecting rocks and bird watching… almost (but not quite) becoming ho-hum about the bald eagles hunting nearby. After landing back in San Francisco we drove to the Presidio to see Tom, Judy, Audrey and, for the first-time in the flesh, new baby Rowan, as well as their beautiful new apartment overlooking the ocean and the headlands of Marin. Again, it was a too-short visit, especially with Audrey in school all day. She loves her brother but is still figuring out her place in an expanded family, and was uncharacteristically reserved.

Wonderful visits with friends, and a taste of life filled with more than work and worry, rekindle enthusiasm in me for what's to come. Ahhhhhh! last • next

audrey and rowan
me holding rowan
Audrey's face tells a story ... Lynn
Blessed be.