Dear Diary (March 2004),     

March came and went and we hardly noticed. For sure, we got up and went to work, came home and went to bed, then got up and went to work again. We did a lot of that. We must have done something else too, but what? Let's see … there was Westi's birthday, and our day-we-met and got-married anniversaries, 23, 18 and 14 respectively. So we definitely had a couple of nice dinners out. Then of course, we worried about Joey a lot. No more seizures but it was tricky managing the side effects of his anti-seizure meds and his terrible arthritis pain. Oh yes, the cutbacks at the Community Centers took effect. That required adjustment … logistically, psychogically and emotionally. Especially emotionally.

speckled egg
green egg
red brown egg
light brown egg

What else … hmmmm … I know … we got new chickens. A dozen new chickens! A neighbor had to find homes for 50-60 chickens. We were already pretty full-up but with a little modification, we made room. Now we have 30 chickens. And lots and lots of eggs. Brown eggs, green eggs, creamy-white eggs, big eggs, little eggs, speckled eggs, even huge double yolkers. Lots-o-eggs! Oh, and a new dryer. Which a neighbor-friend helped us convert to propane. And then we helped him get his truck unstuck, an event which led to a neighborhood fish fry. Yum. (Rick's from the upper peninsula of Michigan... us transplanted Michiganders have to stick together, you know.) March weather was gorgeous and my lilacs bloomed. Hey, looking back, you know … overall, March was okay. Bring on April! last • next

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