Westi Woo (& Michael too)

Holiday 2004

While Christmas cards are the traditional way to correspond with family and friends during the Holiday Season, I thought I'd try creating an online holiday newsletter to update you on the latest in life at 313 Trescony.

2004 has been good to us. I am completing this year with a diploma in hand. After 6.5 years at San Jose State University, I have finally completed my B.A. degree in Radio-TV-Film, with a minor in Speech Communication (I think my final GPA was 3.89, for anyone who's counting). This is obviously a joyous occasion for both Mike and I because it means that I finally have more free time, less stress, and will be more fun to be around. If you're wondering "What are you going to do with your degree?" I currently have three answers: 1) I'm currently co-producing a TV show at my new job (see paragraph 3) 2) I was recently asked to Associate Produce a forthcoming documentary on homosexuality and the bible (Research and shooting slated for Spring 05) 3) I just completed a feature-length screen play (Title: Sweet Natalie) which a professor at SJSU wants to try and get made by a local film company (probably a total dream, but a compliment anyway).

In the last year, Mike and I have become fast fans of climbing at a local indoor climbing gym called Pacific Edge. After taking a 6-week course in the spring, I turned Mike on to the sport, and we're both trying to advance our skills and so we can take the plunge (not literally, of course) of climbing outside. For all of you who say "Isn't that dangerous?!" remember that climbers use ropes, knots, and devices which can handle between 2000-5000 lb loads (for one climber).

Another major change in my life was leaving The Museum of Art & History. After 10.5 years, I said good-bye to my coworkers and took a Marketing Coordinator position at a local Internet Service Provider. I was attracted to the organization because they have a much larger marketing budget and a TV show on Community Television which I co-produce and shoot for.

The most recent and dramatic change in my family was my sister Nicole's departure from her life as an accountant and student, to enlisting in the Air Force. She is currently in basic training in Lackland, Texas, and will follow boot camp with training to be a cop. While her move took us by surprise, I support her and her choices.

Mike has continued his work at the Salinas Fire Department. The bad news is that city funds have been dramatically cut, like many places, resulting in the loss of the Salinas Fire Paramedic Program. Currently, the fire department has made a deal with the city to continue providing service at a very drastic pay cut for the paramedics. But Mike is happy to keep his medic skills up, despite the smaller paycheck. Mike also keeps his chin up by continuing to train so that he can excel in the fire service, taking the necessary courses to become a Fire Training Instructor and a Firefighter Engineer. His goal is to become Captain before he turns 30.

With 2004 at a close, we're heading into the next phase of our lives. We contemplate and dream about the potential of buying a larger house, working in higher-paying jobs, and starting a family that includes more than 4-legged furry pets. We both agree that the future is bright and look forward to spending it together. We look forward to spending some of 2005 with you, too.

Wishing you a very happy, sane, and memorable holiday season, with a beautiful new year full of your dreams and wishes.-Westi, Mike, Barney, Jasmine and Guinness

Pictures at left from top: Barney gets in the holiday spirit; Nicole and Westi on Thanksgiving at Shadowbrook Restaurant; Mike after a long hike in Big Sur; my festive stocking.

Hi! I'm Westianne but I generally go by Westi for short. I recently graduated from San José State University with a B.A. degree in Television-Radio-Film major, and a minor in Speech Communication. I work at Cruzio, a local ISP, as the Marketing Projects Coordinator. This job came after a long history working as the PR/Marketing Manager at the Museum of Art and History. I also recently worked as the Unit Production Manager on an independent film and am in the process of creating my professional website at www.triskelpro.com (thanks to my talented step-mom, Laura). A role as Associate Producer of a documentary about homosexuality and the bible is in the works. Stay tuned for updates.

I live with my husband, Michael, and my dog Guinness in our cute house on the Westside of Santa Cruz. We became engaged in August of 1999, and got married November 24, 2001. We met back in my Freshman year at Santa Cruz High School thanks to the Santa Cruz High School Marching Band-He played bagpipes, I played flute, it was a match made in heaven. Currently Michael is a Paramedic-Firefighter for the Salinas City Fire Department. We enjoy his four-day weekends and possibility for overtime. We have two adorable dogs Angus and Guinness. Angus is a purebred, AKC Westie (West Highland White Terrier) who is available for studding! He enjoys burroughing on the couch, chasing cats and barking at intruders, and lives with his paternal "grandparents" in town. Guinness is a samoyed-lab mix with a heart of gold, who at the tender age of 6 months was diagnosed with hip displasia. Thanks to the support of Deborah and David (the aforementioned "grandparents"), we were able to afford surgery and he recovered nicely. He enjoys waking people up at 6am, sneeking on to the couch, and whining. We are also owned by two very special kitties, Barney, who loves anyone who pets or feeds him, and Jasmine, a rascally grey sweetheart, who you must win over if you want to pet her. Those who are patient are duly rewarded.

In my spare time (Ha!) I enjoy the following: Pacific Edge Indoor Climbing Gym, hiking at Pogonip, walking Guinness, cleaning, making copious amounts of lists, seeing thought-provoking films, learning the latest in marketing trends, craft projects, decorating, extremely expensive furniture, animals, reading, and the fantasy of being a gardener.

If you have any comments feel free to e-mail Michael, Guinness or me at puffins@cruzio.com.