Barney Miller, so named because he was rescued by the Miller's from the SPCA, and then came to live on the mountain to be our barn cat. Ha! This picture was not taken in the barn. Living on the mountain, Barney was King Cat, much to Midnight's great displeasure. He also loved the ladies, alternately grooming and snuggling Kiely and Penny Sue. Barney's such a sweetie that Westi couldn't bear to leave him behind when she moved out; he lives in town now with Westi and Michael, their dog, Guinness, and little kitty-girl, Jasmine.
Charlie—running fiend, omega dog, tirelessly enthusiastic and ball-obsessed. A master of civil disobedience, sweetly sensitive and very dainty. Quite the fancy boy. Except when rolling in horse pee. Or scrapping with raccoons. Charlie lived to run. Or to be petted. The ringleader of escape adventures … he went under … he went over … sometimes he went through. Patrolling the fenceline and keeping Charlie home was a full-time job. He was even been "arrested" by a park ranger and put in doggy jail; busted for swimming in Aptos Creek with a buddy. Rebel! Originally dubbed "Sleepy Bear" by Nicole (I don't think she's ever forgiven me for changing his name), at age 12, he grew into his name. Near the end, the only running he did was in his dreams. Now he runs free again. Charlie, we miss you more than we knew was possible. Never, ever will you be forgotten.
Barney and Charlie Homer and Angel Tuxedo and Kiely Penelope Sue & Tyler Missi and Joey Just Midnight Sadat and Kelsey Tomo, Domingo and Iphy