Sweet Words from Emmy

I *am* sorry I fell out of touch—things with Mia were so hectic in the beginning—and then we moved to Reno for school and (yada yada yada.). =) My friendship with Nicole fell apart somewhere along the way and I felt a bit awkward about contacting you. I’ve thought of you often, though. It’s hard to believe that six years has gone by. I am also sorry that I never truly thanked you and Steve for all the friendship and love you gave me through the years. I was a “difficult” (read: impossible) teenager and there were very few people who took the time to see beyond that. You and Steve were definitely of those few. I appreciate all that you did for me and I recognize that I probably didn’t address or acknowledge that appreciation very well at the time. It’s a bit late, I realize—but I do wish I had said “Thank you” more often back then…. so I guess I’ll say it now: Thank you. =)     Sincerely and with love, Emily

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