Dear Diary, (April 1999) (sound clip: Since She Started to Ride by Jonathon Richmond)

This is a very sad week. For the second time I am saying good-by to Homer and Angel. They are moving to a sanctuary where they can live out the rest of their lives, well taken care of and without fear of euthanization because they are old and no longer "useful". It's a good opportunity for them and my head understands this. My heart is breaking. Thankfully, the sun is shining and we've had a good couple of days together. They are ready to go… freshly bathed, vaccinated, wormed… their feet are trimmed and their teeth floated. I don't think I'll ever be completely ready though. It's especially hard to let go of Angel. Homer loves everyone. Angel loves me. Or at least she trusts me, and for Angel trust is hard-earned and not to be taken lightly. I can no longer imagine life without her.

The horses and I are both traveling Saturday. Them to the sanctuary, me to Texas. Visiting mom will help to distract me. And getting this web page ready for her birthday is keeping me busy too. I've been rather preoccupied (Steve says obsesssed) with it as time runs out. Between the horses, the web site and work, he hasn't gotten much attention. He's been great though. Last summer he complained that he would have to stand in the corral and poop to get my attention. Now he's busy enough with kayaking and union business and work that he doesn't miss me so much. When the tears dry from the horses' departure, Steve and I will have more time together. I sense a backpacking trip in the wind… or at least maybe my house will get cleaned. to next entry

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