Now angelic in form as well as name, our beloved Angel no longer treads stiffly on the earth. Sweet, wary, and stubborn, she was one special lady. Someone wasn't nice to her; rescued in desperate condition by Colleen Sayre, euthanasia seemed a likely outcome. But Angel was tough and she healed, body and soul, well enough to live out a fine retirement in which we were blessed to share. There has been no greater reward in life than a hard-won trusting look from a soft-eyed Angel. Immortal in my memories, a part of me always; she runs effortlessly through the vast green pastures of my dreams, comfortable and free at last.
Extremely loveable, a little ornery, very present, prone to jealousy. Homer registered his feelings by nipping Angel, racing around and bucking, knocking over the wheelbarrow, stamping his feet, tossing his head, etc. He craves attention, loves to be groomed. After a season as a children's camp horse, 26 year old Homer ended up at auction, bound for slaughter. Thanks to Equus Sanctuary and Horse Power, he lived to become Angel's best friend, enriching our lives for a year and a half in the bargain. A champ with the neighbor kids, starring at birthday parties, walking endless circles lightly burdened with brave three and four year olds, we miss him now that he has moved on to the larger pastures of Dancing Star Sanctuary.
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