There is something special about your first love. When the call came from Isa asking if we wanted to board a horse, we didn't even have a corral. But we went to meet Sadat and it was love at first sight (perhaps first sniff… horses smell soooooooo good! So we started clearing land, digging holes and installing fence. The work of keeping horses was just beginning. Sadat taught us everything we needed to know about horses, from what it feels like to get kicked in the gut to the feel of a big slurpy horse kiss on your shoulder. He wasn't easy but he was great and when his time came to move on, he left a hole in our hearts we've yet to fill.
An irrepressible charmer, Kelsey was born at the Kern County SPCA to a mare who was part of a large rescue effort. He was only a youngster when he came to us for foster care and it took all of about 15 seconds to fall head over heels in love. At least for us. For Angel it took a little longer. Serious neurological problems keep Kelsey from ever being rideable and after 4 short (but memorable) months with us, he moved to a private sanctuary where he roams free on 700 acres! Not too shabby for a horse who spent the first 15 months of his life in a 12x12 pipe corral!
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