This is Audrey Ember Doyle astride Tomodachi, a sweetie of a mare who we took care of for four months. She was lame and in pain, and then, after a terrifying bout of colic, we returned her to her owner. Without the authority to call in a vet for her, responsibility for her care was just too stressful.

  After giving up horse care, our empty corral was too sad and lonely. Don and Fran of the Como se Llama Ranch, loaned us Domingo and Iphogena. Llamas are large animals who eat hay but that's where the resemblance to horses stops. Horses excite me. Llamas soothe me. Domingo and Iphy are uniquely themselves and truly a gift to know.
Barney and Charlie Homer and Angel Tuxedo and Kiely Penelope Sue & Tyler Missi and Joey Just Midnight Sadat and Kelsey Tomo, Domingo and Iphy