Penny Sue is "special". However you take this it will likely fit. Adorable, demanding, but not too bright; it took her a year to figure out the cat door. Exceedingly affectionate with us (and the golden dogs too, as you can see), Penny disapproves of strangers; we call her the guard cat. She thinks nothing of sleeping under a horse (we did say "not too bright") or climbing your leg like a tree. Win her over and she gives kisses. The bane of her sister-cat Kiely's existance, Penny is omnipresent. Wherever you go, there she is.

Laura thought she was a "cat person". Then we got Tyler. Overstuffed and loveable, he was a floppy Pooh Bear sort of dog. A lifetime of health problems made him old before his time but his spirit rose above the arthritis and allergies, making him perky as a puppy… at least when food or leashes were involved. His true passion was to be near his people. Lock him out and his distress cries were heartbreaking. Needless to say, it didn't happen often. Now that he has left the limitations of his body behind, we hope he is close by.
(In memory: Jan 10, 1990-July 18, 2001)

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