Dear Diary, (Christmas Eve 1999)

To someone from Michigan it doesn't feel much like Christmas Eve when it's 70 degrees and sunny outside. Not that I'm complaining! I spent the day exploring the woods (looking for wild pigs but that's a story for later) and weeding the garden. My one foray into town did help me rise above the bah humbuggy place I had gone to around the subject of Christmas. Stopping at the water store, I filled my bottles and went to the counter to pay. Only to hear "It's free today. Merry Christmas!" Minutes later at the grocery store, a cheery checker inspired me to tell the water store tale. Which inspired him not to charge me for the bag of charcoal he was ringing up for me. Who'd a thunk it?

Yesterday was Steve and Nicole's birthday. A stressful day. As the baggage of emotion around our non-relationship with Nicole piled onto the stress I always feel around Christmas, which was piled onto the tension resulting from cramming 5 days of work into 2 days, I felt my shoulders rise up somewhere around my ears and stick there. Yucky. Poor Steve. Not much of a birthday.

Fortunately, a day to myself in this beautiful place that I get to call home helped immensely. Rolling around in the dirt and pulling weeds is a good prescription for my well-being. As is tromping about my woods. I think I'm ready for Christmas. I'm definitely ready for a New Year. lastnext

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