Dear Diary, (November 2002)


Finally. The election came and went, and then we got rain, putting fears of layoff and fire to rest for a while. Santa Cruz voters failed Measure P, 75%-25%... displaying a tremendous show of support for Parks and Recreation services. And rain... well, once it started, it just didn't stop. High winds and six inches of water made for a memorable start to the rainy season. In the midst of the heaviest downpour, "Sunshine" hatched eight baby chicks in her nest under a redwood tree. One little baby, sopping wet and too weak to work her (?) way back under mama, spent the night in the house, partly under a light in a cardboard box, partly snuggled inside my cupped hands, in our bed. In the morning we brought her mom and siblings in to dry, before reuniting the family and settling them in a sheltered spot outside. Then the sun came out. By Thanksgiving we were back to summer! It was hot and sunny... so hot I complained about it. But Thanksgiving dinner on the deck was wonderful. Of course, the company had lots to do with that... Jay and Weezie, Rodger, Mary, Alexandra (and Peaches!) Even Helen, calling long distance from her Oregon ranch (she's much too busy with cows and horses to break away for TG in Californina!) Her call was a treat even with the news of Bob's upcoming hip surgery. Here's wishing the pain-free life for Bob!! Good thoughts and prayers are headed your way. last • next

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