Dear Diary,     (March 2001)


Now that May is almost past I am finally getting around to March and April diary entries. I'd rather write the good stuff and I couldn't see the roses for the thorns during those months. The scariest part of March was dad's surgery and the complications that followed. The saddest part was confirmation that my brother and Laura would be getting a divorce. The biggest drag was the failure of our leach field. I found myself holding my breath every time the phone rang in anticipation of the next disaster; a continuous sense of impending doom clouded our days. It is easier to appreciate the month's blessings in retrospect. When dad didn't do as well as expected, we logged onto Priceline and flew to Texas. To be able to help in any small way gave us an immense amount of satisfaction and, despite the circumstances, it was great to see mom and dad. We got to meet many of their friends including the (Texas) apple of mom's eye, McKenzie. It was neat to see the love and support they have in Kerrville; my folks seem to inspire great friendships wherever they go. Before we left, dad improved enough to teach his classes. It was a superhuman effort but he did it! As for my brother's news, well, my heart aches for him but there is relief too; being in limbo is the worst. With the decision comes the opportunity to move on and create a new life, rich in love, strengthened by the growth that comes from getting through. And the leach field... now that we have a new $6,000 hole in the ground, it's just a thing. Once again, we can poop stress-free. And that's a good thing... just ask dad! lastnext

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