Dear Diary, (January 2002)


The year started great! Day 2 found us tucked inside, cozy and warm, with absolutely no intention of going out into the miserable, wet outdoors. Then the phone rang. "Sure, I'm intrigued... when are you thinking? Um... can you hold on a minute?" "Honey (can't you just hear the sweetness dripping from my voice?) ... can we get two horses? ... Today? And will you borrow a truck and trailer and drive them here? In the rain?" Saint Steve said "yes" to all of the above and mere hours later Babe and Katie moved in! I was so excited I could hardly breathe. Then the worrying began (that being what I do best.) They weren't pooping enough ... serious biz in a horse, you know. Five days and some bran mash later, instead of worrying, I was shoveling. I'm still (happily) shoveling and I'll keep shoveling till their new quarters are ready in February or March.

January had horses for me and something special for Steve too... satellite Internet and TV! After researching it for years we finally took the plunge. The Internet connection isn't perfect but it's an improvement over dial-up. And we have 157 channels so it takes a lot longer now to figure out that there isn't anything worth watching! last • next

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