Dear Diary, (November 1999 continued)

Work was equally consuming. The loving-every-minute-of-it adrenaline rush of new responsibilities and challenges created by Kristin's maternity leave, and my assumption of her duties as the Community Center Supervisor (on top of my Senior's job), dimmed in the face of some tough stuff: negative front page publicity about a controversial art exhibit, and complicated, sensitive issues involving a staff member and domestic violence. In neither case was there a way to win…it was hang on, pay attention, do what you can do and cope. I did OK. But if December is tamer, that's alright with me.

If I had to pick one word to describe life lately, I think I'd pick "full". Certainly our house is full. Overflowing. Kiely Lu came home … always a welcome event … except that her presence brings out the mean side of a very jealous Penny Sue. Cat fights sure make the house seem small … We've also been "dogsitting" Westi's dog Guinness for a couple of weeks. He's a love … talkative, social, bouncy and very, very busy. You gotta love him. Unless you are Tuxedo … who has protested his visit by "forgetting" how to use the cat box. Four dogs, five cats, two humans … 800 square feet … it's a bit much.   lastnext                         

Highlight of the Month:
Thanksgiving feasting
at Helen & Bob's!!

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