Dear Diary, (January 2000)         (sound clip: If I had a Million Dollars by the barenaked ladies)


No, we haven't succumbed entirely to out-of-control consumerism and gone and bought this cute little motorhome… (yet). We're just dreaming (so far). And dreaming's about all we could manage; our new year's resolutions went the way of all those dire Y2K predictions (we had a Y2K bug in our scheduling program at work and, now that it is all fixed, I'm actually kind of proud to be one of the few …) Oh, we had great intentions. Put the old year, the old century, and the whole damn millenium to rest. Start fresh… eat right, get fit, clean up all the messes … and then we got the flu. At first I blamed the champagne. But that wasn't it. New Year's Eve was actually quite a sober affair (alcoholically speaking). We worked. Took in some First Night festivities, including catching our friend Keith's performances. (The most fun of the night was being one of the first to know that he and his wife Susan had birthed a new baby that morning, Tenaya Rose.) And we were home, safe in our hot tub, when the night rolled us into a new millenium.   last • next
1.  Table
2.  Closet with Microwave Above
3.  Shower
4.  Toilet
5.  Sink
6.  TV/Video Cassette Player
  7.  Table
  8.  Electric Sofa Bed 
  9.  Pantry 
10.  Range/Fridge Below
11.  Sink

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