Dear Diary,                    (summer 1999 continued)



After the Fat Fry we headed for Big Sur. Luck was with us and we found walk-in camping at Andrew Molera State Park, although we didn't feel quite so lucky soon. 30 kids (seemed like 300), totally out of control, and their frazzled, unprepared adult chaperones carted in months worth of supplies (although they were only staying 2 nights). At 10:30 pm I finally pulled an extremely harried adult aside (he was still setting up tents) and asked him to step outside their circle of light (thanks to about 20 propane lanterns they looked like their own power plant), to listen and see the impact they were having on everyone else. He was truly embarrassed and within 10 minutes things quieted down.

Driving down the incredibly beautiful and rugged coastline was fun, especially stopping at an elephant seal haul-out near San Simeon. Although the picture on this page is a "weaner", (a young, just-weaned seal), what we really saw was bulls hauled out for their annual molt. I love elephant seals! Felt like home to be among them again.

Memories of the beauty we'd been in had to tide us over the next couple of days as we closed in on the smog, congestion and traffic of the greater Los Angeles area. To me, Southern CA is pure hell and I can't for the life of me understand why anyone would choose it. YUCK! Tony was happy to see us though and we accomplished much of what we went to do. We're hoping that it works out for Tony to permanently relocate to CO as the time has come where having family on the scene is crucial. I felt like we were in the middle of one of those episodes of Dateline about scam artists who take advantage of the elderly. Tony had signed over his power of attorney to some bad folks, and apparently it wasn't the first time he had been "preyed" upon by opportunists taking advantage of his vulnerability.

After Tony flew off to new adventures, we headed toward San Diego with hopes of visiting my first horsey love, Sadat. Our travels paid off. He was just as big and beautiful as ever, and he still smelled the best of any horse I've sniffed! It was such a treat to see him! We managed to see Kelsey, Angel and Homer also, at their new home at the Dancing Star Sanctuary. I didn't recognize Kelsey! Although it had only been six months since my last visit, he had really changed. A baby no more, at three he is as big as Angel, and his brown winter coat shedded out an entirely new color. His face is almost entirely white and he's working up to being a full-on grey. Homer was well Homer, but seeing Angel was hard. I think in her mind it was all over between us when I loaded her into that trailer and sent her down the road. The trusting look in her eyes is gone and I'm sad to know I'll never see it again.                                                                                                            lastnext

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