Dear Diary, (Aug-Sept 2000) (sound clip: My House Has Wheels by Southern Culture on the Skids)


We moved! Home is now a 1952 Spartan travel trailer with a bee-U-tee-ful add-on bathroom, (very cool in its day… still charming now). An old Winnegago cabover camper parked next door rounds out the whole funky set-up by providing kithen, dining and storage space. Why did we do this, you ask? Freedom. And kids. Westi and Michael moved into the house and agreed to take care of animals should we want to leave town in a hurry. Which we did, just as soon as they took up residence.

Take me to the river, I said. And Steve complied. Tranquil, rejunative days skinny dipping along the Klamath, no one to bother us but the otter family and black bear that shared the river bank. And then, just when we were supposed to be heading home, the car took control and drove us to the Smith River instead. Clear water and the ferns for which our web site is named welcomed us "home". River time … just what the doctor ordered.
Back at home we experienced a distressing and exciting serenade by a mountain lion in heat. She called (moaned? wailed? roared?) for almost 45 minutes from somewhere very near the trailer (download a sound clip). The proximity was a little freaky but we like knowing she's out there.


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