Dear Diary, (March 2002)


What a jam packed month! Westi turned 21 (celebrated by beach horseback riding per her request), Katie and Babe left for new quarters, Steve and I commemorated 16 years of togetherness and 11 of married life with a week long trip, and Erik and Indy moved in (oh happy day!) Despite a horrible assignment at work to project 10, 20 and 30% budget cuts just prior to leaving, our vacation was terrific. A little rainy and chilly, we were toasty in "Jed"... we bicycled, read, ate, slept, paddled, read, ate, slept... in between stunning drives along the coast highway to Fort Bragg, where we fulfilled a long-held desire to visit Glass Beach, a place that proves no matter how idiotic people are, given enough time, nature will turn ugliness to beauty. Once a dump, folks just tossed garbage over the ocean cliff. Eventually better sense prevailed but years and years of broken bottles created a beach that is equal parts beach glass and pebbles... a magical combination. Then, even better than that, we came home just in time to get new horses! Erik and Indy belong to Ginger. They are well-loved and cared for, just in need of a new home (and someone willing to shovel). Works for me! last • next


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