Dear Diary, (April 2001)


After 18 years as my constant companion, my beloved Tuxedo kitty died. Despite her failing kidneys we had more months with her than expected, thanks to Steve's devotion and her "only cat" status in the trailer. But she was fragile and it seems our time away in Texas upset her delicate balance too much; she stopped eating and we watched her decline until, on April 1st, she breathed her last. I will forever be grateful that I was able to stay home with her to the end. Less than a week later, our old Tyler dog became seriously ill. Our vet wasn't available and another vet told me it "was time to consider putting him to sleep". Now it was my turn to be fragile; I was not ready to hear those words. Especially from someone who, minutes before uttering them, had never met me or my dog! At my insistence he did blood work which, thankfully, showed that Tyler was severely hypothyroid. Within 2 days of treatment, Tyler was Tyler again! Whew... the day will come but I am thankful it's not here yet. As so often happens, death and sickness are balanced by birth. This time it was mama llama Allejulah, who bore the gift of baby Robin. And to neighbors Lisa and Mike... baby Ben, conceived the day of our renewal ceremony and arguably the most wanted baby ever born... a miracle of modern medicine and serious parental motivation! And then, a belated anniversary mini-vacation to the Blue Sky Lodge in Carmel Valley... a day and a half of hiking, ping-pong, relaxation, swimming, topped off by visiting our former foster pony Peek, in his wonderful new home where he has learned to pull a cart. Exactly what the doctor ordered! last • next

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