Dear Diary, (July 2000) (sound clip: Power of Two by the Indigo Girls)


Looking back July was a busy blur: preparing for a summer of company, the terrifying news that mom had cancer and needed surgery, the corresponding disappointment that my folks couldn't spend the summer with us, worrying about friend Judi's cancer and celebrating her and Ed's elopement (!) Mom's surgery went well and they made it to California for our vow renewal ceremony. Along with Steve, Laura, Shelly and Jill, Shaun and Michele, Beanie, Jim, Braden and Macy... it was a week long party! The ceremony day itself was magical. Wonderful people, great music, lots of food and sunshine. Michael played the bagpipes, Rodger said inspired words, Gail, Cara and Amy brought tears performing the Power of Two, Kathy released symbolic ladybugs, Dad's message was personal and thoughtful (he even stood strong when we exchanged earrings), and Jay rang the gong to commemorate it all. Neighbors Lisa and Mike even conceived a much-wanted and prayed-for baby on that blessed day! Everything was perfect. lastnext

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