Dear Diary, (July 2001)                       Tyler Jan 10, 1990-July 18, 2001

July is dedicated to Tyler. I've yet to find words to do him justice. I've yet to be able to sit and think about him without tears for my loss. Much of July was spent on the road, on vacation. But look for that tale in next month's diary. There is no room here for anything but the Big Dog. Rest in peace, Tyler. I miss you.

Beautiful, comforting words from Isa

go shining, sweet being. we'll meet again. i have been thinking of tyler a lot since your email arrived. here i am back in the wee hours to spend some thought with him again. i have printed his photo to keep it here with me. it speaks so eloquently of peace and completeness. we will never understand the webs we spin and are spun into, and as much as it hurts when their visible presence leaves, how could we have it otherwise. much love, isa

(more pictures of Tyler)

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