Dear Diary, (May & June)  (sound clip: Ballad of the Devil's Backbone Tavern by Todd Snider)



Weeks ago I started getting grief about the neglected state of my diary. I'm rich in good intentions but as usual,  in the cake mix of life, ingredients sometimes overflow the bowl. We heard great music: Paul Thorn (twice!), Keith Greeninger and Water, Chris Webster, Todd Snider, Iris DeMent, Joe Ely, Robert Earl Keen; saw lots of llama action: both birth (babies Paz and Quetchua pictured below)
and death (the sudden and still-hard-to-believe death of my beloved Noche), and my first experience with shearing). I stressed about work and the possibility of pursuing  new opportunities (try a useful new service called BeVocal), and medical bad news for my mom and friend Judi—news which fortunately seems to be getting better (please keep them in your thoughts and prayers). With Steve as ringleader, we downloaded an eclectic assortment of music to make my mom and dad special CDs for mother's and fathers day, respectively; and cosigned for Westi to buy a '97 Nissan Altima. Tuxedo turned 17 (!) and Tyler learned to groan (adding to his existing vocal repertoire of assorted whines.) Most of our energy (especially Steve's) has been given to preparing for a summer of company, starting with mom and dad (for five weeks!) and including, by the end of July, my brother and sister (et al), and Beanie and family. They better appreciate the new open-air bathroom, complete with a newly refinished (by yours truly) clawfoot bathtub. (Steve did almost all of the other work but the bathtub is the most beautiful part.) A highlight of the month was a visit from Nicole. She's coming for Father's Day too. Wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles … lastnext

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