Dear Diary, (summer 1999)

Dear Diary,
I never was very good at keeping a diary. Especially when life is as overwhelming as the last 3 months have been. Of note in June was the demise of the Tercel's transmission. We went car shopping and came home with a new Chevy Prizm (a Toyota Corolla in disguise) named Crystal. She is silver and sports a sun-roof. It's exciting to drive a car with functional shocks! We had forgotten…

July started out great with a delightful visit from Westi and Michael, and Steve's co-workers Ian and Cheryl. They brought their family to see the ponies and Peek and Tony did terrific! The kids enjoyed the ponies, I enjoyed the kids. July fourth meant another Senior BBQ (my 14th!). Steve pitched in wearing red, white and blue stars and stripes tie dye (me too) that I had made, the weather was gorgeous, and we had the most successful event ever, serving about 550 seniors. Ian and Cheryl gave us their old clawfoot bathtub. Our bathroom may be tiny but our tub is deck-adent (sorry!)

Then the bottom dropped out of my world. Steve and I suffered the greatest relationship challenge ever when I learned he had an affair. My faith in humanity was devastated and redeemed simultaneously. Friends and family were incredibly supportive. Fortunately our love remains strong, and he is clear on what he wants. We are on the road to recovery and will survive intact. Possibly better than ever before.

Crisis made the timing of our long-awaited summer vacation good, and we stuck with our plan to visit Steve's dad and see him off to visit his oldest son Dennis and wife Nancy in Colorado. Before heading south we kicked off vacation with the Fat Fry, a twice annual music festival put on by our favorite radio station, KPIG. It was a blast! Sunny and perfect, we enjoyed both days, especially the surprise chance to hang with Jay, the gorgeous opals Steve bought me, and the music of Mumbo Gumbo. Here is a clip of one of their songs, Stay Gone,  which, if you're patient, you can download and play. They've played the Kerrville Folk Festival a couple of times. Maybe I will make it to one of those festivals someday, mom… lastnext

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