Dear Diary,  (February 2001)


I sure was a gloomy gus in January. February might have been more of the same except for a great visit with dad and Rodger on dad's birthday weekend. Dad had a conference in San Anselmo at the seminary where he studied when I was a child. Westi and Michael went first to "meet with their minister" for some preliminary wedding planning. We visited the next day, taking advantage of Rodger's close promimity too. Alexandra joined us and introduced us to her new horse, Diego, and then we had a great dinner followed by a wonderful evening at home with them in Bolinas. Looking around the cozy living room that night I realized I was in the company of three of my favorite men. It was awesome. If Jay had been there it would have been perfect. The rest of February passed in a cloud of too much work, too much rain, and too much worry. Still more than I can handle in the allotted hours at my work (loving it anyway) and Steve is obsessively occupied with union duties. Local 23 just organized workers of his former employer and he is writing the contract proposal (revenge is sweet). He is also preparing to put the quarterly bidding process for driver's work on the internet for the first time (a huge undertaking!) Most difficult . . . Dad's cancer turned out to be aggressive and March will bring adventures in surgery. And new tests showed mysterious spots on Judi's lungs just as the end of chemo promised some reprieve from medical hell. I'm ready to be done with this now. Bring on the sunshine!      lastnext

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