Dear Diary,                         (week of May 24, 1999)


My lack of diary entries did not go unnoticed (by my mother, at least). How gratifying. There is much to report. At the top of the list is the arrival of ponies! Monday morning found me feeding and mucking ... a perfect way to start a day (it's amazing what a little absence does to make the heart grow fonder).

Peek-a-Boo and Tony are not Homer and Angel. But they are FUN! I laugh every time I see them ... it just seems so ridiculous to have such itty-bitty "horses" prancing around. And oh ... the corral looks so much better with them in it! They aren't aware of the amusement they bring. On the contrary, they take themselves very seriously.
Until last September when the feral herd they were living in was rounded up and taken to auction, they had probably never been handled. At ages three and four, they are adapting slowly to this new life. People are welcome as a food source (love those pellets!) but feelings are mixed about other interactions. They like being stroked and scratched, they tolerate combing and hoof-picking. This is after you have gotten them to settle down and remember that you're not the big, bad wolf come to eat them.

Mistrust is evident in their eyes, even as they allow you to catch and halter them. An imagined noise sends them flying so despite their 
child-toy-like size, it is heads-up and pay-attention-time whenever with them. They are willing to use feet and teeth to defend if they feel threatened and trapped. Best buddies, they will even share a bucket of pellets with each other without fighting. I'm still getting to know them so my next entry should have more stories to tell.

The other project of the week is tie-dying. Although I was distracted by ponies so didn't do my fair share, our dye shed hosted a dye-fest to prepare 102 knapkins for neighbors Lisa and Mike's wedding party this weekend. I did more dog bandanas which may double as banners lining the road for Saturday's bash (samples are pictured), 
and Vaiva went wild tie-dying baby clothes in anticipation of conception later this summer. The dye shed is still filled with leftover dyes (we have about 20 colors) so the project lingers on …

Work is busy. Too busy. I feel ready for a vacation but will have to wait a little longer. The iMac lab is up and running with only a few bugs to resolve (thanks to Ted), the new classroom at Cruzio is moving along slowly but should be ready for Summer classes. Which, speaking of, I need to start planning this week. Yesterday I went to the San José Tech Museum with 20 of the computer members. Didn't like it much … found it noisy, garrish, and overwhelming. But I came home even more impressed than usual with the people I get to work with every day. What great role models! I am lucky to have my job (even though I stayed home today to get a much-needed break from it). Today I'm going to nap, play with ponies, nap, play with dogs, nap, play with cats, nap… forget that cleaning the house stuff. I give up.           lastnext

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