Dear Diary, (June and July 2002)


Not all at once, but little by little, the lights came back on. The grey fog receded—color and joy returned to my life. The change was inside me (I'm thinking hormones...?) On the outside, life was the usual mixture of happy and hard. Happiness came with friend Judy's graduation from Med School and Steve's promotion to Paratransit Administrator. We had an itty-bitty part in Judy's success as I had helped her with her application years before. You would have thought we had earned all the A's and honors, we were so proud when she walked across the stage! I was proud of Steve too... deciding to go for the promotion. And getting it. The glow lasted a couple of weeks... till the job started. We knew it would be a hot-seat job but never, ever, did we understand how hot things would get. The first couple of weeks were true hell but Steve held up well, acting with dignity and integrity. The crisis passed and his obsessive qualities paid off as the real work began. My job was consuming too. Morale was dismal with lay off fears turning into lay off realites. Not me, but one of my staff. Hard for her, hard for us all. On the happy side once again, Dorothy came home with strength returning daily. And Judi, in need of a bone marrow transplant, found a donor in her brother, Larry. And what's a diary without an animal story? With our chicken flock down to 3 roosters and one poor little hen, I decided to make a "hog call" on KPIG Radio, looking for some girl chickens. It worked! Blackie, Gypsy, Cream Puff, Amanda, Alyssa, Goldie and Big Sister came to live with us. Then Betty (the "poor little hen") hatched out five more chicks of unknown gender. If laughter is good medicine, then so are chickens. I think everyone should have some. last • next

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