Dear Diary,     (Oct 2000) (sound clip: Ain't Nobody Here but Us Chickens by Asleep at the Wheel)



October was defined by happy animal events and stressful waiting. Happy stuff first: early in the month the excitement was chicken-related. A hen disappeared and we feared her eaten. Weeks later, when I found her nesting under the lemon tree, we opted to move her to safety; a choice we immediately questioned as the trauma caused her to abandon her eggs for hours. We weren't sure if we saved them all or killed the babies. Thus, the successful hatching of three adorable chicks made us extra happy! Late in the month the excitement was the return of Kiely Lu! After 5 months! Oh Happy Day! All throughout the month there was fun with horses to be had. A bus driver friend of Steve's has become my friend too. Diane and I share a love of animals, in general, and a love of horses, in particular. She has two horses, Misty and Chic, and she offered to let me play with them. We meet on Mondays to bathe and groom and practice what we learn during our every-other-week lesson. Misty reminds me a lot of Angel and I'm really grateful to Diane for sharing her with me.
Both Steve and I spent the month waiting for possible job changes. For me this involves a new twist on an old theme. I proposed a jobshare where half my time would be spent sharing the Community Center supervisor position (with Kristin, who wants to stay home half time with baby Izzy), and the other half running the seniors programs. I was thrilled that the idea was accepted but the bureaucracy grinds so slowly that instead of doing it, I'm waiting for it. Ugh... I hate to wait! For Steve, the changes didn't end up happening but the process was grueling. He applied for a promotion, gave it his best shot, did very well, and got screwed over. The politics were awful. The head of his own union lobbied against him (the supposed issue was seniority but in effect he lobbied against Steve while lobbying for his wife... hmmm...) Management proved spineless and handled the controversy amazingly badly. Steve, on the other hand, handled the disappointment and betrayal with admirable dignity. lastnext

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