Dear Diary,              (summer 1999 continued again)


The crown jewel of our vacation was three nights backpacking in the Silver Peak Wilderness of the Los Padres National Forest, about an hour south of Big Sur. It was the most amazing thing … truly a gift from the universe …to find beauty, serenity, and solitude only 2 miles into the backcountry off the Coast Highway! In the peak of vacation season, with no reservations or advance planning! We hiked straight up with the reward for our efforts being panoramic ocean vistas, and then in and out of folds in the mountain resulting in lush riparian vegetation one step, and arid chapparal the next. Our campsite was along lovely boulder strewn Salmon Creek which, not far upstream, flowed over rocks to form a noisy waterfall dropping into a magical pool ringed by a forest of four-foot tall native panther lilies. Wow! It was incredible. The water was frigid but worth the goosebumps after Steve told me how beautiful I looked standing under the falls. Three days of healing, intimacy, fun and beauty… just what the doctor ordered.

Coming home might have been harder if our own mountain was less beautiful and our life less rich. Westi and Michael had done a super job taking care of things and the next few days at home were sweet. Returning to work was hard. The reality of our situation hit home and melancholy set in. Steve hung in there with me through it and I'm back, feeling like myself.

A highlight of the last couple of weeks was meeting Ponne, the dog pictured at left with me and Tony Pony, and again, at right. She followed us home one night and thank goodness we found her owner because I need another dog like I need a hole in my head! But it was love at first sight. And she liked me too. She turned out to be half pit-bull (I can't believe I fell in love with a pit-bull!) but she was the sweetest, most submissive dog I have ever met. We could have been great friends.


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