Dear Diary, (April and May 2002)


I considered just posting a dark gray page for these months. That's how they felt to me. In retrospect, I was dealing with a significant depression for the first time. Whether I liked it or not (or cared), life went on... Erik and Indy were here to get acquainted with, we cleaned up the property ... endlessly pruning and burning, Westi was honored by San José State as a President's Scholar (again!), we hosted a delightful dinner with neighbors Den, Mary, Don, Fran, Vaiva, Trux and little Trux, had a sweet Mother's Day and a welcome (albeit unrelated) lunch with Nicole. Spring was marked by the end of my officer status in the Road Association (thank goodness!) and major worries about Dorothy's by-pass surgery, Judi's illness and lay-off's at work. Also by Steve's decision to apply for a promotion (Paratransit Administrator) with the Transit District. Putting one foot in front of the other, plodding along... somehow I got up every day and did what must be done. Sans joy. It was terrible. last • next

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