Dear Diary,    (January 2001)


Despite my intentions to start the new year off on an upbeat note, January was a downer. I felt super sorry for myself when I got the flu. I mean, really got the flu, maybe for the first time in my life. Pathetic, whiny and miserable, that was me. By the time I was fully recovered, Steve got a different bug and, strangely for him, even stayed home sick from work. Then, just as we were seeing light, we got the news that my dad has prostate cancer. There was probably good stuff in January but I can't remember it. I think I'll just put this month away and start over in February. lastnext

Despite our best efforts to tame and destroy, the earth renews itself, the smoothness of brand new asphalt merely an illusion in our misguided fantasies of control.
Hope springs eternal with the weeds and termites in charge.
Fresh and vibrant, a new year begins.
Blessings to you!

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