Dear Diary, (Christmas Day 1999)           (see how cute we are...)
They say a picture's worth a thousand words (who are "they", anyway? I always wonder …) so I'll stick mostly to photos. The day started out terrific at 4:30 am when Kiely Lu came home (loudly) from a 25-day stint away. Then onto packing "Meals on Wheels" and Christmas morning at Westi's house. She did herself proud… everything was wonderful. My mother, from whom Westi has been taking Christmas lessons, made sure the tree was surrounded by presents. We missed seeing Nicole but made it home to record the Humbug Hoedown being rebroadcast on KPIG, enjoy the lovely sunny day, check in with folks in MI and CO, walk the dogs and relax. We received many nice presents but my two favorites are for the hot tub, a beautiful outdoor sconce and a squirty frog toy (frog medicine envelopes me). The snowman is working too, mom…  lastnext

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