Dear Diary,     (Nov 2000) (sound clip: The Pretender by Jackson Browne)


November was about work. There was some balance; weekends (Mondays and Tuesdays for us) were filled with walking dogs and llamas, playing with horses and computers, spending time with Steve, relaxing in the hot tub … all the good stuff that makes it possible to go back to work and power through another week. My new job started auspiciously with a Community Center staff retreat. We faced some personal demons and grew as a team while playing 60 feet up in gorgeous redwoods overlooking Monterey Bay. It was scary. It was awesome. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. It was a perfect way to get psyched up for what proved to be an overwhelming workload. The work is great. The amount is more than I can manage in the allotted time. New responsiblities combined with cutting my seniors hour before hiring new staff, and the mini-crisis of losing one of my computer classrooms right at scheduling time for next semester, made for a frantic pace. I rallied to the challenge and the knowledge it won't last forever kept me going. Steve was great support and overall, I loved it! lastnext

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