Dear Diary, (April 2000)  (sound clip: Spring Wind by Greg Brown)



Flowers, computers. Flowers, computers. That was April. Sure, we did mundane things like go to work and buy groceries. But mostly, we looked at flowers and the computer screen. Doing their thing without our involvement are the wild flowers: milk maids, trillium, native iris, columbine, wood roses, thimble berry, wild blackberry, rasberry, and strawberry, fetid adder's tongue, hounds tongue, fairy lanterns, vetch, lupine, western star flower, false solomon's seal, forget-me-nots, sticky monkeyflower, ceanothus, red clintonia, blue-eyed grass, violets. In the garden, blooming with minimal help from us: fruit trees, daffodils, spring star flower, hyacinth, peruvian lilies, cherianthus, abutalon, potato vine, hydrangea, fuschia, pink jasmine, snapdragons, and of course, my pride and joy … the lilac. It's a good thing the flowers are so lovely without much effort from us as we spent far too much time on the internet, downloading music and learning to use our newest computer toy—a cd burner. What fun. What torture. The other big deal event was the movement out of Westi's piano and the movement in of two armoires. Closet space is one of those things you take for granted unless you don't have it. Let the taking it for granted begin!    lastnext

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