Dear Diary, (June 2001)

Raven: trickster, teacher, creator. Symbolizing change in consciousness, the mark of a shape shifter.
Raven is here. Several of them, in fact. Loud and very present, agitating Charlie to no end. They swoop overhead and laugh at him. He barks furiously; they laugh some more. Westi, as she prepares to move, says "I won't miss those damn birds", proving once more that perception is everything. Me, I love the ravens.They come every year but not like this. I believe their presence is significant and that it is time for shape shifting. Starting with my own. I'm not liking it much these days, overweight and out-of-shape. And the theme of "too much work" that has been pervasive in recent months... we're shifting that consciousness as we count down to vacation, a 3-week road trip to Colorado (next month's entry, no doubt). But the most dramatic change is our decision to leave the mountain. Nasty neighborhood politics, combined with schedules that don't allow us to enjoy and care for the property like we used to, make the timing ripe. There is much to do before that decision translates to action but the mental leap has been made; now it's implementation. Finally, we're praying for the continuation of one more change... Nicole came for Father's Day. She looks wonderful and seems to be doing well; she even acted like she liked us! Steve was blissed out. We got together for a family bowling night a couple of weeks later. As Celia once quoted to me, "the only constant in life is change". And sometimes, change is very, very good.   last • next


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