Dear Diary, (February 2000)        (sound clip: The Thunder Rolls by Garth Brooks)
Weather: sun changing to endless rain, mudslides and flooding. Life: work changing to fun, llamas and home. Through mid-January it looked like we were headed into a serious drought. Then the heavens opened and the scene changed. Shifting scenery is thematic. Kristin returned to work after her four month maternity leave so I am back to focusing on my own job, getting home with daylight to walk dogs and (oh, here we go again ) cleaning my dirty house. Fortunately, two llamas named Domingo and Iphy, have come to live with us and they provide the distraction necessary to rescue me from the dangers of domesticity (actually, not much of a worry.) The work transition is bittersweet. I loved playing Community Center supervisor. It was great to prove to myself that I could do the job well. Yet I love my own job and working part-time. It's all good.  lastnext


Iphy & Domingo

Some of my beloved co-workers:
Betty, Lisa, Kristin & Izzy, Jack, Claire, Ellen, Ted, Marcey, Joanne, Kathy, me
Judi & Helen 

Judi, me and Juliet

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