Dear Diary, (week of May 2, 1999)

Back from Texas, with an empty corral, backpacking dreams are surfacing. Enough that we headed out on foot… Steve, at least, wearing a pack. He carried enough for both of us …70 pounds! Not one to do things halfway, he loaded his pack with the weights off his dumbbells. I, on the other hand, footloose and fancy free with no pack, was in the lead for a change. 

The first trip we have in mind is somewhere down the coast near, say, Cambria. And what a coincidence… it just happens to be near the sanctuary where Homer and Angel are!

The big news of the day is that Mrs. Pony gave birth (at last) to a healthy filly. As yet unnamed and tremendously cute, I used up a roll of film (plus another imaginary roll before discovering the camera wasn't loaded) on the two of them, finishing the roll off on the two boy ponies that Colleen is "desperately" seeking a foster placement for. I am considering it. The boys, Tony Pony and Peek-a-Boo, are half wild. I'm intrigued with the challenge of taming them enough that they can be caught, haltered, groomed, etc. I think I could make a big difference in the two months I could keep them. We'll see … for now, back to cleaning house … lastnext

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