Dear Diary, (October 1999)

  Whew… where to start? October took off running and we never really caught our breath. Highlights: being best woman at my baby sister's wedding (is anyone going to send me pictures so I can put them on the web?) … the adoration of my young cousins and time with my nieces … secluded camping along a Michigan lake amidst fall color so glorious it brought tears (thanks little brother, for the van and camper loan) … the challenge of new responsibilities at work … the birth of baby Isabel.

Life often mixes pleasure with pain, birth with death. Missi and Angel died in October leaving me with great memories and a profound sense of loss. I was blessed to know them. The pony boys are thriving. Peek is in a new foster home in Carmel Valley training to pull a cart. And lucky Tony was adopted by a terrific local vet.

Oh … another highlight … Steve and I split an ear piercing! I think he looks great; we buy a pair and wear one each. It's fun and we're both enjoying the symbolism of being a matched set.  lastnext

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