Dear Diary, (May 2001)

May ... long, beautiful days. Blue skies, sunshine and soft breezes. Perfect. Except we barely had time to notice. Steve worked all day and came home to work some more. Union duties... protecting the working conditions of everyone except the Union Rep. I lobbied the Transit District for bus service on July 4th to get seniors to the Annual BBQ. And created even more work for Steve. Not to mention pissing off his bosses. Oops. As for my work overload, there is hope. I hired one of my long time volunteer computer instructors. The City hiring process is incredibly long (over 5 months now!) and Kim won't start till late June. Meanwhile, I continue to come home from work, weary and stretched, to needy animals, a messy home, an empty fridge and to top it all off, Road Association bullshit. In March I volunteered again to be secretary for the worst excuse of an organization that I have ever had the ill fortune to be part of. "Fool!" "Masochist!" ... just two of the names I have called myself since making this rash offer. Cheery, aren't I? There were some bright spots... Westi and Michael, with the help of Mike's parents put a bid on a house in town. They should close escrow in July and move in August. It's mixed news for us but they are thrilled! And early this month we renewed our friendship with Emily, an old friend of Nicole's who lived with us briefly when she was 15. She brought her sweetie, Tom, and gorgeous 6 year old daughter, Mia, up for a visit. Very Fun! And Henny, one of our chickens, hatched out three baby chicks. Babies always help!  last • next

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