Dear Diary, (March 2000)  (sound clip: I Can See Clearly Now by Johnny Nash)



We're back in the light again and boy, does it feel good. Spring is springing and miracle of miracles, my lilac is going to bloom! March means anniversaries (10 year wedding and 14 year togetherness) and vacation. It's also about balance (in honor of the equinox and our philosophy in general). As usual, the balancing act is a struggle … vacation proved to be heavy on work and light on fun. Building a new and improved dog yard took up most of our time off but we did manage a night of camping, and hiking, both by sun and moon, at the Pinnacles National Monument. Hot tubbing and llamas were daily bright spots despite the endless project, and when we went to the City to visit Jay and hook up with my brother, lo and behold, the dogs stayed home where they belong! They now have free access between dog yard, deck and house (at least when we choose) but to their dismay, the rest of the mountain is off limits without supervision. When we no longer have animals (and yes, someday that is the plan...) whatever will we do with ourselves?? (Steve has ideas…)    lastnext

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